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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Power Words to help you write a winning CV

Personal Qualities to put on a CV

Here's a list of words that represent personality traits people in the business world find positive. Go through the list and select the words that seem to describe you. Use them (in moderation) in your CV and in interviews.

  1. able, accurate, adaptable, adept, adroit, alert, ambitious, analytical
  2. bilingual, bright
  3. capable, competent, confident, consistent, co-operative, creative
  4. dedicated, dependable, detail-orientated, dynamic
  5. educated, effective, efficient, energetic, enthusiastic, executive calibre, experienced, expert
  6. fast, fit, flexible friendly
  7. gregarious
  8. hardworking, healthy, highly motivated, honest
  9. imaginative, ingenious, innovative, intelligent, inventive
  10. judicious
  11. kind
  12. licensed, literate
  13. managerial, multilingual, multitalented
  14. non-smoking
  15. organised, outgoing, outstanding
  16. patient, people-orientated, perceptive, personable, poised, polished, principled, productive, professional, proficient
  17. qualified, quick-thinking
  18. ready, reliable, resourceful, responsible
  19. sane, scholarly, scrupulous, seasoned, self-assured, self-reliant, serious, shrewd, skilled, smart, spirited, stable, successful
  20. talented, tenacious, top-level, trained, trustworthy
  21. upbeat
  22. valuable, versatile, veteran
  23. well-educated, well-groomed, willing, witty, worldly
  24. young, youthful

‘Action’ Words

These words make a strong impression when you want to promote your achievements. They're ideal for CVs, reports and memos.

  1. accelerated, accessed, achieved, acquired, acted, administered, advised, appointed, arranged, assigned, assisted, attended
  2. booked, broadened, budgeted
  3. checked, collaborated, competed, completed, conceived, conducted, constructed, consulted, contributed, controlled, co-ordinated, correlated, counselled, created
  4. delegated, demonstrated, designed, determined, developed, devised, directed, doubled
  5. edited, effected, eliminated, established, evaluated, executed, expanded, expedited, explored
  6. formulated, founded
  7. generated, guided
  8. handled, heaped, helped, hired
  9. identified, implemented, improved, increased, initiated, instituted, instructed, interacted, introduced, invented, investigated
  10. launched, led
  11. maintained, managed, marketed, met with, monitored, motivated
  12. negotiated
  13. opened, operated, organised, oversaw
  14. participated, performed, pinpointed, planned, prepared, presented, prevented, processed, produced, programmed, promoted, proposed, provided, purchased
  15. questioned
  16. recruited, reduced, reorganised, reported, represented, resolved, restructured, reversed, revised
  17. saved, scheduled, secured, selected, set priorities, set up, shaped, sold, solved, structured, supervised
  18. taught, tested, tightened, trained, trimmed
  19. upgraded, used
  20. won, worked with, wrote
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