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Effective Presentation Skills – Training Course Outline

Companies increasingly require writers of reports, business cases, proposals, in fact all types of documents, to present them to boards or management teams. If you have previously concentrated only on the written documents, training in writing presentations will help you make the jump to presenting your ideas successfully. An effective presentation skills training course will increase your confidence and professionalism.

The way you present your ideas or a solution to an audience is extremely important. People like to feel they are dealing with someone who understands them and their needs, and you have one opportunity to make a good impression. You may know your subject extremely well but if you do not present it clearly and logically, your audience will doubt that you do. This course builds on your existing skills as a presenter. Polish your technique so that your presentations help you to meet your professional goals.

What you will learn on this effective presentation skills course

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

How we deliver the Effective Presentation Skills course

It is available as a one-day tutor-led Virtual Classroom.

Advance preparation

Delegates are asked to develop a short presentation (two to three minutes) in advance, on a topic of their choice. They will be asked to present this to the group at the beginning of the day. We will video the presentations and play them back at the end of the training session, when delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their own presentations and to provide constructive feedback to others in light of what they have learnt during the day.

Who should attend this presentation skills course?

The course is aimed at people with some presentation experience who want to improve and refine their presentation technique. If you're unsure if this course is for you, call us for more details or email training@plainwords.co.uk

Course Contents

1. What are you trying to say?

2. Preparing your presentation

Pre-Course Questionnaire

When you book we send you a questionnaire which we ask you to return to us before you attend the course. This enables our Trainers to assess your needs in advance.

3. Delivering your message effectively

4. Setting up your environment for maximum support

5. Interacting with your audience

6. Hints and tips

Further training

If you'd like a bit more practice before you go live with an audience, we can tutor you by email and with on-line meeting software. You can give your presentation to your Plain Words trainer over the internet and we will give you feedback and advice to help you improve both your slides and delivery.

Enquire Now!

You can enquire about a private course, call us on +44 (0)1235 60 30 22 or email .

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