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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Tutor-led courses, e-learning or blended learning?

You want to be sure that you select the best kind of training for your clients or users – and you’ll want it to be cost effective.

The best kind of cost-effective training

No doubt you’ll take account of several factors – like where your users are, how many of them are in one place, how open they are to self-paced learning, if their job allows them to learn at their desk, and so on…

There are other issues that can save you time and money but are often overlooked

Concise, clearly written training material that is easy to follow is essential if you are to minimise calls to your Customer Support Line.

If the training doesn’t get your message across, then your users will turn to other means – an unnecessary cost to you.

Course material that looks and reads more like a user manual than a training course is not doing you any favours. Far from ‘killing two birds with one stone’ you just have a hybrid that doesn’t do either job well.

This is where Plain Words’ expertise in technical writing and instructional design comes in.

We understand how Help, user guides and training material should complement each other.

Maximum effect, minimum effort

We can show you how to make the most of the latest ‘single sourcing’ techniques to create all of these with the minimum effort and maximum effect.

Plain Words’ professional instructional designers provide you with training material that…

If you have a product or service, we can design and write the right course for you, whether it’s an e-learning programme, a ‘chalk and talk’ course or a blend of the two.

For more information about how we can help you, call us and ask to speak to one of our Instructional Designers or email us at

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