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Plain Words - the Documentation and Training People

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Technical writing services – talk to the professional business and technical writing company

Technical and business information that not only gets your message across… but also saves you time and money.

Clear and concise, easy to understand – it’s essential

Do you need to communicate important information within your organisation, to your clients or to the public? Are you introducing a new system or process? Do you sell a product or service?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need to talk to Plain Words about our technical writing services.

Clear and concise writing is essential, whether intended for the layman or expert.

We can design and write your technical and business documents for you, or advise you how to produce them quickly and easily yourself.

Unnecessary drain on time and money

Good technical and business writing gets straight to the point and makes even complex subjects easy to understand and to follow.

Poor writing means poor communication. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money on further explanations to make your material understood.

As a professional writing company…

We take care of the whole documentation process

Plain Words is a specialist business, technical writing and training company. We have extensive experience in providing consultancy and training to solve the problems organisations face in communicating business and technical information.

In fact, we can help you to create a complete Communications Strategy that maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal and external communications.

We provide you with business and technical writing service that…

Plain Words Guarantee

Every document or Help system we create carries the Plain Words Certified stamp. This is our guarantee to you – and it’s free of charge. It also shows readers your commitment to quality documentation that communicates rather than confuses.

For more details of how you can obtain the Plain Words Certified stamp or Plain Words Approved stamp for documents you write yourself, please email or call us.

Editing and proofreading services – for documents you write yourself

Do what you do best…

You know your business best: you know what you offer and who your customers are. You also know what you need to tell them about your products or services—but do you know the best way to do this?

Leave the rest to us…

We can edit your material and make sure it works as hard as possible to convey essential information to your clients or to other parts of your business. You can concentrate on what you know, leaving us to whip your draft into shape.

We can ensure that your documents:

Get the best documentation for less

By providing us with the text, you save time and money—we can edit your writing quickly and effectively, and to very tight deadlines. And it means you get the best of both worlds: your own expertise on the subject and our specialist knowledge on how to put your message across.

Your documents are Plain Words Approved

We will edit any kind of document: reports, bids, manuals, Help text, web pages or sales collateral. Finished materials carry the Plain Words Approved stamp. This confirms that the documents comply with tested principles of good business writing and your readers benefit from the highest standards of clarity and readability.

Or for a final check of everything that you write, we offer an efficient and cost-effective proofreading service.

To find out more, either call us or email .

Want to improve your own editing skills?

Our course How to Edit & Proofread Effectively teaches you how to identify and correct errors, edit text to create maximum impact and make your documents clear and effective.

Information Design

Keep readers on the right track…

Information design deals with the practicalities of finding information quickly and easily. Good information design ensures readers are able to concentrate on the message and not get lost along the way.


The best way to keep the reader on course is to use clear, logical signposts to guide them. We use various design features to do this...


Headings make subjects stand out and show the document structure at a glance. Readers also like to scan through pages – and headings help them pick out the information they want.

Line length

Long lines of text tire the eyes and make information almost impossible to take in. We wrap text at between 65 and 75 characters to make reading pleasurable, rather than painful.

White space

A certain amount of white space (spaces between paragraphs) makes both on-line and printed documents look less cluttered and more inviting to read. But the balance has to be just right: too much white space in on-line documents can intensify screen glare, whereas a good level of white space in printed documents enhances the reading experience.

Coherent structure

Another key aspect of a well-designed document or Help system is to link topics coherently. It is all too easy to create a maze of inappropriate hyperlinks or references between topics. But it takes real skill to guide users quickly and logically to the information they are looking for without them getting lost.


Plain Words build Help systems that really help the user, while providing a consistent, attractive interface.

A Wide Range of Other Services

Not only do we offer specialist writing services, but also a wide range of other complementary services.

Graphic Design

Give your documentation a look and feel that reflects your product and company – Plain Words graphic design service…

Printing & Publishing

Plain Words offer a convenient one-stop shop for your documentation – Printing & publishing from Plain Words…

Localisation & Translation

Make your products easily accessible to users around the world – Plain Words translation & localisation services…

PR & copywriting services

You naturally want to get your message heard – Plain Words Media services…

Whatever your product or service, we cover all your documentation needs:

Plain Words–helping to make your business successful through effective written communication

To find out how we can help you, call us now or request an information pack from .

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